ODSecurity offers the Soter RS Body Scanner as the perfect adoption of proven technology to replace strip search procedures.

The Ultimate Substitute

Human behaviour during a search can be unpredictable, but with the Soter RS contraband can be identified safely and more effectively.
The result is an instantaneous, high-quility head-to-toe body scan. The Soter Rs not only reveals all sorts of metal and plasti, but also organic material.
The extensive possibilities for analysis easily detects a wide range of contraband, making it a perfect option for different markets.

In prisons the Soter RS can help detect drugs, cell phones and weapons without the need of a strip search. The same goes for customs on airports,
harbors and other high risk facilities.The compact and user-friendly nature of the bodyscanner makes it plug and play. No extensive training is needed.


The Soter Rs will substantially save your security process time.The high quality scan image is acheived with a minimum amount of radiation and is not harmful.

ODsecrity is familiar with the legislation and supports the application of licenses. The Soter RS is delivered with clear test protocols and reports
how to use and install them. We support you in aiming for a maximum security for your personnel, your visitors and the inmates.


OD security presents the Soter RS, the worlds most advanced security x-ray system. The Soter RS is a person x-ray system wich combines ultra low radiation with maximum visability. Unmatched results with the all new Soter RS.

SOTER RS is successfully deployed in prisons, in airports, detention centres, police and customs facilities worldwide.

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